Preparing to go to Thailand

I would like to start off telling you a little about me. I am a student in ALabama that is going to Thailand soon (probably this fall) We are working out the specifics of travel now. One of the professors at my school has his Doctorate in Eastern Philosophy and is helping me make arrangements. I will be teaching English over there and hopefully travelling a little while I am there 🙂

I am starting my blog now so that anyone planning a trip there can use this blog as a reference because I will be documenting everything I do to plan and organize this trip. It’s hard to find a lot of practical help for students going over there. there is so much to know!

If anyone can offer me advice on any of the following:
when is the best time to go to Bangkok?
Do they have school years like ours or is it year round?
Do the school weeks go from Mon-Fri or is it all week?
What are the first steps in moving there?
Where do you find out what immunizations to get?
What are some of the things that are “not-to-be-missed”?
Where are the best resources for finding out about living in Bangkok?

Anything I think would help. I hope that if I can ask a lot of questions and find the answers then I can help other people like me who like to do a lot of research about things before going.

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