Saturday in England!

It’s Saturday again. The weather here is quite nice for mid Feb. It was very sunny. However, English weather is sometimes a pain as it can be sunny for an hour and rain the next. Today was similar to that saying as it kind of stormed for about an hour and it was back to normal. Today was also a very windy day. Usually in England, it gets really windy around this time of the year.

Today I have to go to Uni to meet up with my friends for a law assignment task. I was there for a couple of hours to work on the assignment. After the library closed at about 3.30pm, we headed off to Kingston to do some walking around. I went with my Finnish friend. Studying in England has been very beneficial for me as I get to meet a lot of people from around europe. I have friends from Spain, Germany, Portugal, Italy etc. A lot of European people study in England especially London. London is like the capital of Europe. Everyone comes here to study, work, travel etc. This Finnish friend of mine (Kim), he is a very nice guy. He has perfect understanding of English. I usually hang out with him after classes. Today, we went to a pub to watch football together. English people usually watch football a lot just like Thais. However, it is more tense here as people have favourite teams and they’re committed to it. And also, this is England, the home where the premiership takes place. In Thailand, it is just a reflection of what happens in England.

I would like to talk more on the diversification of Uni’s life here. In Thailand, most people who study there are Thai students. You’ll never be able to learn another culture or get a chance to learn English or other languages. Actually, I used to attend an international Thai University for 2 months. My friends there are all Thai. However, I met some Chinese people and got a chance to talk to them (I am learning Chinese). Thai University students do not really want to make friends with Chinese students. I think it’s because of the language barrier. It is so much different here as everyone tries to speak the same language and exchange culture. You learn so much more.

It’s getting very here. So, I think I must hit the bed. Bye Bye for now……

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