Back from the unseen

Hi folks, back from a five-day crisscrossing in Thailand and Laos. This time I chose the Nong Khai – Vientiane (Laos) border for my regular visa run. I had a much more pleasant experience this time.

This border crossing was unbelievably smooth; the immigration was friendly, although the journey was more adventurous than anything before. It took 24 hours to get to the northeastern border town of Nong Khai from Chiang Mai. Then I spent three days in Laos waiting for my visa. This was followed by another 24-hour trek back inside Thailand. For nearly ever day this week, dawn and sunset greeted me on the road to somewhere.

At the end, I got back with lots of great experiences richer, and 7000 Bt poorer – but, most importantly, I became a proud holder of a three-month visa! 🙂 I haven’t seen one of these babies for a long while. If it only weren’t so darned tiresome to get it!

I will share stories from this travel with you for the next few days, once I got the pictures out of my digicam (my laptop is still broken).

Take care until next time,


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