Back to normal! (Don’t know how much longer)

Today was another pretty ordinary day. However, I do have some comparisons to make. But before we begin, I would like to say something first. The past week has been my very first week of blogging at My main purpose of blogging is to show people who are interested in Thai culture a perspective of a Thai student in England. I would also like to treat my blogs as a diary, so that I can force myself to update as I much as I can. So far, it has been very fun and enjoying. I would like to appreciate those who reads my blog and I hope to continue passing my knowledge toward those who are willing to read. I would also like to thank the commentors who have commented on my blogs in order for me to develope further.

So, let’s begin. The national election in Thailand has just past. It seems like everything will stay the same for at lease another 4 years, at least. The victory of the Government party (Thai Rak Thai) shows the dominant force that would initiate an era of the TRT party. It also shows that our prime minister, Thaksin Shinawat, will have all the power he needs in order to take the country forward. Those who aren’t interested in Politics, I think it is time you should if you’re also interested in the Thai culture. Under this Government’s policy he will help Thailand communicate better with the western world. In fact, we will see even more of the Tourism boom. However, following the Tsunami tragedy, we have already seen the tourism economy bound back on its foot again. After the re-construction is done, Thailand will give a big boost to tourism through advertising.

Life as a student here is much different to Thailand. This is because in England, we have lectures. In Thailand, we’ll never see a class with more than 100 students. Classes in Thai Universities always take place in a normal classroom. In England, I’ve been attending a math class with 280 students. Lectures always take place in a lecture theatre. While in Thailand, teachers will teach in normal conditions (same style as secondary school). However, we do not only have lectures. A subject would contain a lecture and a tutorial. In Thailand, a subject would usually have 2 tutorials. Also here, every subject is a year long while in Thailand, it is a semester long.

When we have breaks between classes, we usually either end up in a bar or the library. Every friend of mine takes the same subjects and attend the same lectures. In Thailand, every student chooses different subjects and go to classes with students from other courses. I think it is much better if we all go to the same classes as University life is very independent in itself. To not see the same faces often would make you feel lonely. Here, if a lecture is finished, my friend would ask me to join him in the student union bar and chill out until the next class. In Thailand, everyone usually goes to their classes and when they finish, they would just go home.

Also in Thailand, there is no such thing as a Student Union bar. Students are not encouraged to go to pubs and the law states that you’ll have to be 20 years old to get into an alcohol facility. When I go to the bar it doesn’t mean I drink all the time but it’s more of a relaxation. For instance, talking to a friend is relaxing as well as playing pool or playing play station. However, it’s also very common that sometimes students go to the library and study. Some people also choose to go to the computer labs. I think the environment here is much more friendly than the environment in Thailand. University here has every facilities while back in Thailand, Universities just give out education.

I think it’s enough talking about student life for today. It is about 10pm here. I shall take a break now. I’ll probably come back tomorrow and blog my Saturday activity. For now, bye bye

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