What a day!

Today has been by far, the worst day of this year for me. I received 3 results for 3 distinctive subjects. It was not pleasant! However, I can only smile as one subject I did alright but wasn’t at the top. Though the other two, I was very disappointed. To be honest, I failed those 2 particular tasks. One was a group assignment where I was rushed because a friend did not contribute and the other one is a paper where the subject was Law! I guess from now on, I have to study much harder. However, 3 more results haven’t yet come out. One is a double weighted subject where only 29% passed. I hope I pass, if I do not, I might have to repeat this year.

I know my mum in Thailand will read this and be disappointed but I’m too afraid to tell her face to face. So, this is one way of getting her to know it. However, these marks aren’t very big in terms of percentage. What really counts is the final exam. Though, I hope to do well with the assements so I can feel more relaxed in the final exam.

I am in no mood to write anything else today. Let me put this to myself tonight and hopefully, things will go back to normal by tomorrow.


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