The Mega Bridge in Bangkok

I took some pictures last week to show you the progress of the Mega Bridge that will eventually cross the Chao Phraya River – twice! As you can see from the picture below, the bridge will be 51 metres high in order to let the big container ships pass safely underneath.

“The bridge will be the longest cable stayed bridge in Thailand. It features two A-shaped towers located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River that combine traditional Thai design and contemporary architecture. As seen from the roadway, the towers are a stylised representation of the traditional Thai greeting where the hands are steepled together in front of the body as the individual bows and utters a greeting. The towers are a symbolic gesture of welcome to visitors of Bangkok.”


What is quite unique about this design is that it crosses the Chao Phraya twice. This is due to a bend in the river. In the middle section there is a giant intersection for people who don’t want to continue over the entire 4.2 km length. Each direction of the bridge will have four lanes.

The bridge will eventually be part of the outer ring road which will also connect with the new Bangkok International Airport at Nong Ngu Hao. Incidently, this is also in Samut Prakan. I will share more pictures with you in the future as the work progresses on this bridge.

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