Monday, again!

I’m quite getting stuck with this blog thingy now. It’s been quite addictive. I couldn’t come on and write it last night with some technical problems and it drove me mad! For those who have never tried blogging before, I advice you all to blog so that you can understand my feeling right now.

It’s Monday again today. As usual, I would blog it around ten o’clock (UK time) so that it doesn’t intervene with my daily activities. Today, I did not go to school. Every Monday, I would have a day off (Nice eh???). It gives me some freedom to do stuff and I also get long weekends every week!

So, I shall talk about what I did yesterday first to get it out of the way. Yesterday, I went to play golf with my cousin. I have been playing golf for quite sometime now. I think it has been 6 years. Though my handicap is only around 12. It’s been like this because I had to study abroad and also, I broke my wrist after 1 year of playing it. In the past years it has been very difficult for me to play golf as I have no transportation when I was in Australia neither have I one here.

The weather here has been quite distracting as it always gets cold and the grass becomes very icy. However, yesterday, I only went to the driving range to practice and help my cousin with his swing and stuff. It’s been about a month now since he first started. Though, with the cold weather, I find it very difficult to wear a lot of clothes and play. In Thailand, we have the perfect weather for the sport as it’s always sunny. I can play golf there all year long! However, it’s nice just to get to practice in the cold and perhaps, one day, test out one of the English courses. That was what I did yesterday.

Today, I went to China Town (SOHO). SOHO, for those people who have never been there is unlike Yaowarat in Bangkok. Most of the people there are mainly Cantonese while in Yaowarat, they’re Fujianese. However, SOHO has got a lot of restaurants and shops which belong to Asian people. I went there to have dinner with my friend and fortunately, we went to an Asian supermarket to get some rice. In SOHO, there are already decorations for Chinese new year. This festival will start from Wednesday as it is the official Chinese new year day! SOHO right now looks really colourful. Hopefully by Wednesday, I will be able to get some pictures to show you. I guess back in Bangkok’s china town will host the same festival but in a different style. Different parts of China have different style of celebrations. Back in Paknam, my house will also host a yearly Chinese new year celebration. This celebration will contain of fireworks, money & accessories burning (for those in heaven to use), Food giving (for the ghosts) etc…

I think that’ll be it for tonight. It has been a very tiring day and I will have to wake up early tomorrow because I have a 9 o’clock start. Also I’ll finish at 7.30pm tomorrow. So, I should get all the rest I need. I’ll come in and blog tomorrow to talk more about Chinese new year as it’s Chinese new year eve! Goodnight for now….

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