Chinese New Year

Tomorrow marks the start of a new year for Chinese people. It is the year of the Rooster. Today, it is still New Year’s Eve. Firecrackers have been going off all day and local shopkeepers have been setting fire to paper money in front of their shops. At school, the school administrators made an offering of a large banquet to their dead ancestors.

The offerings included steamed duck, chicken, pork, fruit, Chinese cake and vegetarian food such as dried mushrooms, bean cakes and edible Chinese flowers.

Gold, banknotes, clothes, all made of paper, were also offered to the ancestors. Towards the close of the ceremony, all of the paper offerings were burnt. Then the firecrackers were lit. Trust me, you don’t want to stand by these guys when they go off. They are LOUD!

I am going to go out now to eat at Paknam market. Then I am going to pay a visit to the Chinese Street Opera near the City Pillar. If I get some good pictures I will share them with you tomorrow.

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