Just an ordinary Saturday

Today is Saturday, back in Thailand all my friends are supposed to be going out and having a good time. Here, it has been quite the opposite. It is another quiet Saturday where I did absolutely nothing other than going out to visit my cousin for 2 hours! However, I do think that having this Saturday break is quite nice as I can spend time alone and do my studying and organise other stuff.

I woke up at around six o’clock this morning to chat with my mother back in Thailand on MSN. It was already noon there. However, I was not expecting to only talk with my mum as I was expecting a lot of friends in Australia to be online. Oh, I forgot to mention, I used to study in Australia for 3 years (1 1/2 in Brisbane and 1 1/2 in Melbourne). Australia is where I got my high school certificate and is the country I really love. Most of my friends are in Melbourne. I don’t really have that many friends in Thailand.

To exagerate, I have friends from Indonesia to Japan, altogether about 10 countries across Asia. Nice, eh? As Australia is not so popular for Westerners to settle down, most of the people who settle there are Australian, British and Asians. Now, in England it is a completely different story. Most of my friends here are English and European people. I only have about 5 Asian friends out of 300 people in my course and half of them 5 were born here. So, it’s a major oppotunity for me to study the real western culture. Before this, I used to live at Uni’s accommodation and it rocks! Everynight we would have parties where most people will drink and have a good time. In the opposite hand, if I’m at a dorm in Thailand, I would be studying most of the time and probably party sometimes. The worst part is, in Thailand you cannot buy alcohol until you’re 20. Not good, eh? hahahhaa…….

So, I got to chat with my friends in Australia and told them I hope to go there in the summer, if I don’t fail any subjects and have to take summer courses hahaha….. It’s unlikely to happen but you cannot predict the future, can you? I found out yesterday that my most compulsary module (Accounting), only 29% of the students made it through the first marking (as another word, 29% passed!). I hope I’m in that 29% lol….

Today, I also went to see my cousin who has been here 10 years. She is Thai and married to a Lao-Belgian. Both of them are extremely nice to me. Her husband is a chef so, they’ll often invite me to have Thai food with them. Really nice, eh???? On my way there, I took a picture of my neighbourhood incase anyone wants to look at…..

Southside Shopping Center

That’ll be the end of it for today, I hope everyone is happy as Manchester United beat Birmingham 2-0….. Good job lads….

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