Newsletter – 01 – Members Only

[b]This is a private newsletter for members only.[/b]

I just want to say a big thank you first to everyone for sharing your thoughts and stories in your blogs. We are at present receiving an average of 270 unique visitors per day which I think is very good for a new web site. We only did a soft launch last month while we were recruiting new bloggers. This month we will promote the blogs a lot more with banner advertising on our other web sites. We have also launched a competition to win a Thai watch. If this goes well we will then continue with monthly competitions. The questions for each competition will be based on a “fact about Thailand” which they can learn from reading the blogs. We are hoping to have 500 unique visitors a day by the end of the month and maybe as much as a 1000 in a few months.

I am still learning about blogging techniques for this program. But, I will try and share with you some tips over the coming months. If you have anything to add then please click on “comment”.

(1) It is possible to have a unique front page for each of the main blogs. It will take time to adjust them. I will probably change mine first (at least the colour scheme) and then help others to do so too.

(2) The main bloggers can edit their timestamp by posting blogs in the past or even in the future. Personally I find this very useful and have posted quite a few in the past to bridge the gap when I wasn’t blogging. At the moment, to visitors, it looks like I am blogging every day. Actually, that is not true. I wrote most of the blogs last weekend and on Monday I posted 7 days worth of blogs in one go. Each blog I assigned a different day and time to appear. So, the whole thing was done automatically. Saves a lot of time.

From that point of view you shouldn’t post a very long blog in one go. Split it up into two or three parts. When you post them just change the date for each one so they will appear three days in a row. Doing it that way will bring people back more often to read your blogs.

(3) It is possible to either link to other pictures on the internet or upload pictures from your hard disk to our server. However, with the latter there seems to be a permission problem and the pictures don’t show. As soon as I spot that I have changed the permission in the blog so the picture can be seen.

Seeker was asking about picture wrap. The code looks like this:


You put that inside the code for the picture. Click on “preview” tos ee if it worked. You can either have that “left” or “right”. Don’t worry if you are having problems. If I am online and spot a problem I can go in and clean it up. We are all learning at the moment so don’t worry about it.


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