Welcome to Ayutthaya

There are many little things that the Thai people do which make interacting with them fun and help make a trip to Thailand so pleasant. I was on an early morning train to Ayutthaya, moving through the atrocious smog that was waiting for the sun to rise higher and burn it off. Three high-school girls got on, and boldly decided to sit next to the big farang, though plenty of other seats were available. The were talking amongst themselves, and one mentioned Ayutthaya. I said that I was going there, and one girl told me that she attends school in Ayutthaya and will show me where to get off and how to get to my destination.

At one point or our train ride, the girls turned to the left and waied. I looked in that direction, and saw that we were passing Bang Pa-In. Not knowing whether to wai or not, I turned to the left and nodded respectfully, undoubtedly looking rather idiotic. This produced smiles and giggles all around.

From the Ayutthaya station, we walked to the pier from which a 2-baht ferry crosses the Pa Sak River. Two of the girls went off in a different direction, presumably to go to a different school. The remaining girl made sure I knew how to use the ferry and get to my guesthouse, although as I hear often from the Thais, she thought that I should take a motorbike taxi instead of walking. We got off the boat and parted near the Jao Prom Market, she heading for her school, and I with a smile on my face and a spring in my step.

I spent a lot of my time in Ayutthaya riding a bicycle to see some of the sights, plus to help me get used to the Thai traffic and subtropical heat. The staff at that Baan Suan Guesthouse บ้านสวน were extraordinarily helpful to me in practicing my spoken Thai, which needs the help. Tonight I will go to the final night of the Don Chedi Fair in nearby Suphanburi province. The fair is a party with a battle reenactment, as well as a sound and light show.

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