Fishing jetty in Paknam

After taking a siesta, we went back out yesterday afternoon as we wanted to take a closer look at one of the big fishing piers. There is one in particular called “saphan bplaa” which literally translates as “fish bridge”. We drove around for a while until we finally found it.

The above two pictures give you an idea of the size of some of these fishing boats. The ones on the right are more like ships and probably go out far into the Gulf of Thailand. Can you see all of the blue barrels? We too wondered what these were used for.

Up close, we could see one of the boats off-loading. Now it was plain that the barrels were full of fish.

In this next photo, you can see them offloading mussels. If you like seafood them Paknam is a good place to live as there is always a lot of fresh fish.

These last two photos were taken at the fishing jetty closer to Paknam Market. There were no big fishing ships here. We inquired what time of day they usually come in. The reply was that they will be here in 7-8 days! They must be going far out to sea. He told us that if we wanted to see some activity today we must walk a bit further. That is where we found them washing and sorting the squid and also off-loading and weighing some smaller fish.

I think I will come back here next Sunday morning to see if I will get any luck with the big ships.

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