Child abuse

Hello everyone. this is my first blog ever so hopefully i can communicate my thoughts well enough. i have never been to thailand however my family and i are hoping to visit within the next year. that is not the reason for my blog however. I am a college student in detroit, michigan. part of one of my courses is the study of a foreign culture in relation to business. our instructor however is attempting to teach this in a different manner. we are required to complete a project that entails setting up a proposed organization that is consistent with a percieved problem in todays world. one catch being that it has to involve both implications in not only the foreign culture but ours as well(usa). Our group has chosen child abuse in thailand as our project. we are aiming to set up an organization called the childrens innocence fund(again this is made up). however our requirements are to learn as much as possible about the foreign culture so that when the project is off and running, we are able to function in the thai culture and way of life without being completely viewed as outsiders or without upsetting or dishonoring the people that we work with.the reason we chose this subject is because the same practices happen in america(i am also a social work major and this has very deep meaning to me)

My initial thoughts on some of the causes are the effects of economy and the resulting levels of poverty that can ensue. we realize that we cannot properly function with another culture unless we are able to learn and respect their culture. that is the information that i am trying to find. i do have some documented accounts of the child slave trade from time magazine, however, i am looking for a deeper meaning to this than a paper article.

I realize this may be a very dark, touchy subject, however as anthropological research goes, i am not allowed to use any real names in my research topics or even the real areas of the study. all items will be changed to protect any information received. this may sound hollow coming from a computer blog, but i am just trying to learn from the source as opposed to a culturally biased printed report.

Thank you to all for just reading this,extra thanks to all who may respond.

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