Alcohol and games

Back from no-man’s land
Just got back from the Thai border town of Mae Sot. A Friendship bridge connects this trading outpost to Myawadi in Burma. Kind of ironic name, considering that the relationship between the two countries is anything but friendly. Lonely Planet is full of warnings and advices about military activities around here, but I haven’t seen any sign of unrest. I guess a couple day’s stay is not enough to see real life here. Back in Chiang Mai now, and life is not so good.

I guess this is one of those nights…
What makes drunkards turn to alcohol, what is the feeling that gives the glass in their hands in the beginning? Today I finally understood.

Not that I’m going to take up drinking, lol! There is nothing that could make me do that silly thing. But I got to feel a kind of desperate need to lock my brain and throw away the keys – thinking about life is just too painful now.

Tonight, after I finish this entry, I will head out to have dinner at one of those small restaurants by the roadside. Then I will go to the nearest game station and play games until they close. I will let the virtual world take me away from reality when the real world is too much to bear.

I think this is much better than drugs and alcohol. No destructive side-effects on the body, no hangover, just some sleepiness. But that’s okay.

So, see you guys later.

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