Life updated

Happy New Year!

Lots of water has flown down the Mekong since my last diary entry. I finally started my studies at Chiang Mai University. The moving was quite smooth, much easier than I expected considering the distance. Much of this was due to the help of good friends both in Samut Prakan and in Chiang Mai.

You only see how much stuff you accumulate once you have to move! Two giant suitcases, a large sportsbag, a backpack, my laptop and other small bits and pieces completed the humongous load that I (and my friends) had to carry by train and car. We managed to fit everything into the cars on both ends of the journey. The trip itself wasn’t noteworthy, as I slept through most of it. However, I remember the sight of majestic jungle-covered mountains that greeted me in the morning, while the train was seemingly flying over gaping valleys hiding in the mist. It was the perfect introduction to Chiang Mai. 🙂

Life in the City
Now I’m living in a rented apartment about five minutes walking distance from my department. Very convenient! It is quite large for me (by Thai standards), as it was meant for two people. However, I expect to spend quite a long time here, so the now-empty space and walls will surely be filled, given enough time.

I go to the department every day to work on my research proposal, so that all the necessary paperwork will be completed. It is not as strenuous as it sounds though. Thai people work hard, but also make sure that the work is done with enough sanook to make the days go by with ease and happiness. I am very happy here, though I miss the friends I left behind.

There is so much more to write about, but so little time! I will continue later.

Take care everyone.

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