Daily Archives: January 22, 2005

The cleaning lady

I guess I should be reporting now that the house is sparkling clean and that I am very pleased with the results. Well, not quite. It is true that she did a good job of mopping the floor and cleaning the toilets and bathrooms. However, other than that she didn’t do a lot more. She finished cleaning by about 2 p.m. and then spent the rest of the afternoon ironing. She didn’t clean any of the windows, mosquito blinds, ledges, behind the sofa etc. etc. OK, I know it is the first day and she probably had a lot to do getting the floor clean. But, I was a little disappointed that she hadn’t achieved more.

I know it is possible to do more as I compared notes with the foreign teachers a few doors down. They have two cleaners for half a day and they do a really great job. Everything is spotless. And they don’t even clean up before the cleaners come!

I was also a little disappointed with the results of the ironing. Three of my white shirts had blue blotches on them. There was no way I could wear them like that so I had to put them in the washing machine again. I am not sure how that happened. She certainly didn’t say anything to me. I guess I should reserve judgment until at least after next week. There were probably too many new things for her today. Anyway, even though I had to wash the shirts again and then iron them myself, I should be thankful that something is better than nothing. Let’s see.