The washing machine adventure

Well, I think everything went successful yesterday. When I got back from work I put in my first load of washing. I guess I got the powder and the softener in the right places. However, I later found out that three scoops of washing powder was way too much. I am now told that one is more than enough. I guess that is why there was soap bubbles coming out of the machine. The only problem I had was that it took more than two hours to finish one load. So, I couldn’t hang it up to dry until I came back at 11 p.m.

I then put in another load of clothes this morning and went back at lunchtime to hang them up. The whites are now in the washing machine and I will hang them up to dry later. Luckily, even in the cool season it doesn’t take long for the clothes to dry. When I mop the floor on the roof (this is where we do the washing) it usually dries in about 10 minutes. Sometimes it is dry before I get to the other end.

Tomorrow the cleaning lady will be coming for the first time. I am a little bit nervous about what she will think of the house. So, I decided I should do a little bit of cleaning first. I don’t want it too dirty when she comes. So I swept the roof and cleaned most areas. I think I probably got a bit carried away with mopping the kitchen floor and emptying the garbage. But, I think first impressions are important. She will be here bright and early at 9 a.m. and will stay the whole day.

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