Moving in – again

Today was my first time I commuted from home to school. It felt a bit strange. I woke up a little earlier than usual. Though not earlier enough to have breakfast at home. Walking from home to school normally only takes about 5 minutes in the evening. However, in the rush hour traffic it takes about 10 minutes to cross the busy Sukhumwit Road. By the time I arrived at the school (not hot and sweaty because the weather is cool) it was already 7.44 a.m. Just in time. I punched in and then went to the office to have some breakfast. If I do it this way round I don’t have to get up so early to eat breakfast. Baby steps. I don’t want to change things too fast!

This afternoon I got some bad news. The cleaning lady will come on Saturday, but she has made it clear that she won’t have time to wash my clothes. I would have to do it myself! Now, I have to make a confession. I have never in my life washed clothes before. I know how bad that sounds. The problem was that I was living with my parents up to the time I went backpacking in Australia for one year. When I came back I had no money and was again staying with my parents while I was saving up for my around the world trip. As you might know, I only got as far as Thailand. And ever since I have been here I have had servants doing my washing.

What to do? Well, I went on the Internet. I knew of course you shouldn’t mix whites with coloured clothes. I had seen enough movies to know that. But, there was all the other things to sort out like how much washing powder and where do you put that softener? The Internet was actually a lot of help. And when I got back home I hunted down the instructions. I think Thursday night or Friday at the latest I will put in my first load of washing. Exciting!

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