Signs in Ayutthaya

I thought I would share with you some pictures of signs I took on my recent trip to Ayutthaya. I usually carry my camera around with me all the time and if I see a good bilingual sign I take a picture for Gor to use at

(1) This first one I found at the entrance to a temple. What do you think it says?

(2) This second one has some English but it still isn’t clear what the Thai means? Can you guess?

(3) The third one was found in a parking lot. This is part of an advertising campaign which they often run over the new year.

(4) The last one is a bit tricky. Can you spot the mistake?

Answers: (1) Please take off your shoes, (2) Don’t climb up (on the wall), (3) Don’t drink and drive, (4) The sign should say Food and drink.

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