Chilly weather

The cold weather has lasted much longer this year than before. I checked the thermometer and last night it went down to a very chilly 22 degrees Celsius. I cannot believe how cold it is getting. Usually it only lasts less than a week in mid-December. But this is January. Not that I am complaining but the wind chill factor is starting to make it quite cold. Usually I just grin and bear it. I am a Westerner after all. I always laughed at the Thai people who start to shiver when the temperature drops below 25 Celsius. You can immediately tell the temperature by looking at the rows of students in morning assembly. In November it is a sea of white. By early December, there is a spattering of colour as some students start to wear pullovers and jackets. By Christmas the view is multi-coloured. The teachers on duty are shivering and have their arms wrapped around themselves trying to keep warm. Usually by the end of December or certainly early January it is back to being hot. But this year is different. It has not only been colder but it has lasted much longer. Now for the first time I have started to wear a jacket! Whatever next? Mittens?

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