Thoughts about the Old Year

Almost New Year’s Eve! Are you guys excited? What will you do to celebrate the end of 2004?

My celebrations will be very simple. I usually use this time to reflect on the events of the year, personal and general. I think of the things I wanted to achieve and how far I went to actually make them true. I will think of my life-long dream, in which every year is just a small step.

This year I will also think of my family – my mother and my sister whom I haven’t seen for more than five years, and Grandma, whom I last saw this April. The future, of course, is another thing that I will be thinking more often around this time of the year. All the things I want to achieve by the end of next year; my hopes and dreams.

As you can see, I will do lots of thinking 🙂 . I will have plenty of time for that. All my friends are going home to spend this time with their families, so I’ll be left alone. Also, around that time I planned to go to Burma. We will see.

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