A Matter of a Telephone

Can you believe it? How many months have now passed and we still don’t have a telephone at the house! It is extremely difficult to conduct an Internet business without a telephone line. I can check e-mail and upload files at school but Gor has to visit the local Internet cafe. At least these are a lot cheaper than Bangkok. Here it costs 20 baht an hour to play on the Interet while in the city I think it is more like 1 baht per minute. In Thailand there are two telephone companies we can use. TA and TOT. Neither of them have any lines available. How long is it, three months now? Maybe we should try and bribe someone to get things moving. Anyway, once we get a telephone line we have to decide which internet company to use. There is no way I am going back to dial-up. We use broadband at school and everything is so much faster. I had already done a lot of research but that was such a long time ago now. I cannot be bothered to find out the latest until we get a line connected.

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