My wife ate what!!???

I am a farmkid, from the mid-West USA. My father has a horse farm still, he is one of the few who refuses to retire and live with the old people in the sunshine state Florida. I can’t even begin to express how much the children LOVE staying at grandpa’s house. This past summer they lived there while we worked our overtime, and they were out of school. We would go see them after work, and on the weekends have large meals. But the summer was not enough, yesterday Daniel asked if we could live at the farm…. ALL of us! HAHA

Well this year, since Dad, myself, and my younger brother’s families all have freezers, the farm is again operational….. Sort of. Dad bought two baby cows to raise for beef. We bought 20 chickens for their eggs. In the spring my brothers are going to buy 100-175 chickens to raise for meat. The garden this year was at the farm, and will be at the farm again next year. There is more reason now for the children to go. Dad has a tough time taking care of all the new animals as well as the horses by himself. Daniel is a great help to him when he is there, but Daniel is in school now so we drive there a few times a week now.

Last year the children were somewhat in awe as they insisted on helping us slaughter 75 chickens, to put into our freezers. There was nothing inhumane about the methods used, but they had never seen people kill animals intentionally before. My wife went on to teach them about the way she grew up. Even scaring the hell out of the children telling them that she ate the Kwai that they used to farm with one year.

The children were surprisingly eager to get the chickens for the eggs and even are looking forward to the next season’s chicken for the freezer. Everytime we go to the farm they are rushing to the chickens to gather the Kai Gai.

Not too much is shocking to them these days. Our refridgerator has so many vegatbles in it, it looks like a forest, I have to dig around to see the white walls on the sides. The vegetables are all Som or Kom to taste. Flavors that tend to repel any farang with such bitterness. Many I have yet to learn the name of. She eats eggplant raw before it is mature, in the USA you let the fruit mature before you eat it. Of course her papaya is never ripe, that one I knew about before we dated. There are always 10 different varieties of leaves in the icebox at all times. Nearly anything the farang would call a weed is something she likes!

We were driving in a state park in the mountains and she spotted something she liked, jumped from the car before it was even stopped. She ran to the side of the road and mountain grabbed a plant and plucked it out of the ground before anyone could stop her. Little did she know what she had just done would have given her 1 year in prison had she been caught. So what was the emergency? A FERN! She wanted a fern. My parents asked her why she wanted it when we got back to Ohio. She went on to explain to them her aunt who lives 45 minutes from us loves to eat it with that thing. That thing is what she calls a part of the cow we throw in the trash due to health risks….. The gall-bladder. She no longer eats it, sheis concerned over what is healthy and such, but her aunt still eats it often, seeping yellow cream and one of the most bitter things a person can ingest, not to mention the smelliest.

So I explain to my father what That Thing was. He asked a couple questions, and asked her if she liked it. Then looked at me and said in all seriousness, “what do you feed the children?”. I still to this day think to myself, ‘my wife ate what!!??’.

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