It’s finished, all learning is complete, and I am gone ;)

I would like to offer some ‘I’m sorry’s’ to those who have following my blogging.

I knew when I began what exactly I was going to do with this blog. It seems to have taken a turn and after putting some thiought into it, I have decided not to continue with it. There are so many methods of learning and not all plans will work the same for all people. Not being in Thailand there is not that much of a glimpse I can offer.

Considering my wife’s background it is not really fair to explain to everyone what I am learning, how I have learned what I do know and so on, because not everyone is in that situation. It really is not a fair way to learn Thai I guess.

I noticed, I have already begun to slip and describe the ways I am going about learning Thai. That in itself is what I find to be unfair. I am just as different as you all are, what I am doing probably will not work for any of you.

The blog’s are supposed to be kept along the subject of Thailand, well I was trying to do that. But considering all I am doing is learning the language, there is not much for me to contribute in this area. I can’t really write daily saying ” Today I read chapter 42 and learned that when you see a รร together it is pronounced as น”.

That is not what I intended when I signed up for this, but I am coming to the point that this is about all I can do. This would not be much of a contribution. It is merely a contribution of my thoughts and learning events/progress. Not truly a glimpse of Thailand. I truly believe with all my heart that the finest way to learn the Thai language is from the LearningThai web forum. There is input from so many people who have experienced so much more than myself, and one can never have too much information or guidance.

So I bid you all farewell, and again I thank those of you who were so regularly reading the blog. Most of you surely know I can always be found on the forum and even in the chatrooms fairly regularly. So if you would like to yell at me about something and complain about my strong opinions and stubborn attitude you know where to find me.

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