Moving into my house

Sunday was the big day. Much of the furniture (beds/wardrobes and dressing tables for two bedrooms, the book cases for the office, the t.v. cabinet and most importantly the sofa!) was scheduled to arrive throughout the day. In addition, we arranged for some friends who had a pick-up truck to help with moving not only my own things but also all of the office equipment and the books for Thai Hypermarket. This was important to complete on a Sunday so that Gor could get everything sorted out before the post office re-opened on Monday.

The first to arrive was the book cases and the t.v. cabinet. I asked them to set up the t.v. cabinet first before they went up to the office on the second floor to set up the bookcases. While they were doing that, we set up the t.v. which just only squeezed into the cabinet. It was actually a perfect fit. There were no chairs to sit on yet but at least we now had some entertainment!

Next to arrive were about 4 guys with the furniture for the bedrooms. They carried all of this up to the bedrooms on the 3rd and 4th floor and got started assemblying everything. I am glad we didn’t have to do anything! I left Gor to supervise while I went to the school to arrange for everything to be brought to the townhouse. There were about five people helping so it didn’t take much longer than an hour to bring over all of the books and office equipment.

The fridge arrived by mid afternoon. We were looking forward to start making some ice by this time. But they gave us the bad news that we had to wait 3 hours before we could turn it! So, we had to keep going out to the Family Mart to buy cold drinks. Both Gor and his wife were drinking water from the tap. Personally I wouldn’t do that. I’d rather buy bottled water until the water filter arrived on Wednesday.

The three piece sofa finally arrived at 6 p.m. Better late than never. It had been a long day. At last we could sit down and rest our feet. We put in a DVD and started to watch a movie. About 20 minutes later I could hear some of the neighbours outside talking about my house. I could hear them speculating what it was like. So, we pressed pause and went out to invite them in for a grand tour. I’ll take some pictures at the weekend so that you too will get a grand tour!

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