I thought because Monday’s National holiday, I would have to wait until Tuesday to continue watching for the post man, eagerly awaiting my packages from Thailand. To my surprise he knocked on my door today. I was like a child with a present that is gift wrapped, tearing, no shredding my packages open. Finally I get the first one opened, a few very cute handcrafted items sold by the students of Sriwittayapaknam. I will post pictures of these ornaments next blog.

I get past those items and find my much anticipated Thai dictionary. I don’t know how I have gone this long with only an English – Thai. Finally I have my very own Thai-Thai dictionary, then some disney books (3 of them) for my children in Thai and English… They are still camping but they will be very happy to find them on their bed!!! Oh how can I forget… Gor was kind enough to include 2 sets of stickers for my keyboard, since I got my last laptop I have had Thai only on my desktop computer. Like a sigh of relief. And of course as always they included and large number of stickers for my children Now onto the larger package..

I rip this one open in 2 seconds flat… a gorgeous paperback book comfortable enough for my hands to hold lol. The book Thai Light by S. Tsow, and right under it was the book I have needed for sooooo long…. Thai Reference. So big it reminded me of my college days. This book immediately disappointed when I read the cover, Thai Grammar – A Reference for spoken Thai So upsetting, I wanted a reference book for the language. Then I open the book and scan through it, wow was I impressed!! I agree with the review one user in the forums gave, it is lacking Thai script, but the amount (AMOUNT!!!) of information is incredible, it seemed like every page I glanced at I was learning something. Certainly a MUST have for anyone who is beyond the Beginner’s level in any way.

But considering how nice this big book is, I didn’t want to damage it when we played Takraw today, so on the way there I read Thai Light. This is one of the funniest, yet serious, yet honest perspective on the Thai cultures I have yet to view. I am only to chapter 4 now, but I can’t wait to meet the author. He truly has the same appreciation for Thailand, Thai food, just the Thai’s in general that each and everyone on this website has. The book is in no way biased, it is an honest approach to Bangkok so far, both the pros and the cons. The funniest thing is the description is in the words of a Westerner! So everything I find amusing about Thailand the author has seemed to have the same viewpoint.

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