Thai Driving

One thing that I am fairly sure of is that I will be able to drive anywhere
in the world and deal with any road situation after living in Thailand.

The funny thing is that the system still works though( not sure about Bangkok)…a kind of organised chaos.
The general rule on the road normally is the that the bigger you are the more right of way you have, which means that cars and trucks generally
wont yield or stop for motorbikes.

This is quite an interesting siuation beacuse it means that you have to be fully aware at all times.
Your anticipation of what others might do has to be at a high at all times
because everything that you wouldn’t believe that someone would do, they’ll do it.

But in a way I think that this can actually be quite good because unlike western roads here you actually expect someone to do something against the ‘road laws’ and manage to avoid it.

Also in all the close calls and cut chase driving that I have seen here I have not seen one case of road rage or anger directed at another driver for doing something silly.
I used to catch myself getting upset when people did things before but i am slowly starting to realise that a) there is nothing you can do about it
and b) people need to get where they are going and no matter how close something is what is the point of getting upset about it if nothing actully happened?

It’s really an interesting system to be apart of and experience for me right now and it just makes me realise how with even seemingly good and ordered road systems in other countries the end result is not always as good as maybe it seems (patience and courtesy wise anyway )

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