Depending on your take on these creatures you with be either facinated or terrified but I am pretty sure if you spend some time outside of Bangkok there may be a time when you run into one of these guys…as the heading says, snakes.

Personally I love snakes, and yesterday was yet another day of excitement.
I have managed to take photo’s of about 6 different types of snakes in the last few months so my friends know that if they see one they should give me a call.

Well this time it was “do you wanna see a cobra”…yes I thought.
So I ran across the road to his house.
He had almost stepped on it, the cobra-only a small one but still lethal- had reared itself back with it’s hood open and then gone under the shoes outside to hide away.

I ran home to get a long pole so that I could chase it out from it’s hiding place but just as I got back a Thai man pulled up to
find out what the comotion was.
When we told him he decided that the best thing to do was to kill it.

Although I was not too happy with the idea, snakes are normally not as bad as people make them out to be, it was probably all we could do as the grass round his house is really long and it’s about the 3rd time the snake has been seen recently.

So he took the pole from me and chased it out and proceeded to bash it…but just before he killed it the snake was rearing up and I managed to get some nice photo’s of it with it’s hood open…beautiful really.
After he’d killed it he pushed with the pole down into a water system and then said….”Well at least now the fish have some food.” True I suppose, the life cycle continues.

Now we just got to watch out for the big one we think is living under his house

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