Another school day

Well it’s Friday and another week of teaching down.

Not that I’m complaining, one of the great things is that I am actually really enjoying work, I teach Prathom 1( grade 1) and each day lends itself to new challenges and experiences.

One of the biggest challenges with teaching kids, I think, is trying to remain as calm and patient as one can all the time. It can be a lot of fun but tough too teaching kids. I have one student ( now bare in mind these kids are about 7 years old) who is constantly interupting me, fighting with the other kids, spoiling games and generally quite defiant, but he is after all just a kid and in general actually quite a good one.
It could be that he lacks attention somewhere or that maybe he
has different needs and can’t be still in the same environment as others.
I think he really tries sometimes but he just can’t help himself, sometimes when I tell him off he’ll keep on talking to himself, I don’t think he means to do this in a defiant way I think he just can’t stop himself talking. Quite amusing actually.

The education system is actually quite strange, from grade 1 kids are at school all day( until 4 pm!!) don’t really do sport and then the majority learn extras on weekends.
We didn’t even finish that late in high school( unless we had sport)
and our weekends and holidays, that was about having fun!!
Well the thai kids are made to study study study.

It’s not hard to see where the parents are coming from though, they obviously just want the best for their kids…..I think it’s a bit too much though…which is where i think fun really needs to come into the classroom especially with kids this age.

And that’s were the patience comes in, I want my students to learn but I don’t want them to ever be scared of me , or hate school….it should be fun and they should enjoy learning…not frightened into it

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